30 x 30 cm
oil on canvas

Imtiyaz’s elderly father works in a factory and his mother is a housemaid but they could not earn enough to keep their 5 children. An ’uncle’ offered to take him to Delhi to educate him and send money back home in return for a small amount of work.

With 20 other children he lived, worked and slept in a windowless room in a Zari workshop, working from 1 pm to 4 am for 50 rupees (around 50p) a week. From this he had to buy his own water to drink. If he made a mistake in the embroidery he received a beating. If he cried he was beaten more.

Once when he was sick and fell asleep at his work, his employer cut off his eyelashes. At Bal Ashram he loves to sing. He wants to study hard to become an engineer.