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Edward Earl Johnson


Facilitated and promoted by the British human rights charity, Reprieve, Claire has completed a series of portraits of people who have faced the death penalty in the US. This includes current Death Row inmates, former inmates who have been exonerated and released, and people who have been executed. She has completed two research trips to the US to meet the people involved and the families of those who have been executed.

The paintings are accompanied by a sound track of interviews with

some of the people Claire met and also a narration of an actual execution. Excerpts from the interviews are available at the end of each story.

A series of exhibitions took place in 2009. These included a major London exhibition at the Oxo Gallery on London’s South Bank.

This project was kindly supported by the Arts Council England, Peter Bottomley MP, Clive Stafford Smith OBE and London Mayor, Boris Johnson.

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